Macon Home Improvements provide only the highest quality home improvements in Georgia. If you have a home improvement job, we’re the team you’re looking for. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service. We are not just professionals, hard-working and accommodating; we also take pride in being flexible with our clients’ specific tastes.

We value the time of all our clients and always make sure that we deliver an efficient service.


  • Flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable, On-Demand Service
  • Ensured High-Quality Service

What Macon Home Improvements does.

We do our best to give our customers a way to turn their dreams and ideas into reality, and we realize that each customer has different and specific needs. Macon Home Improvement Contractors are flexible and adaptable, catering to said different and specific needs.

We will not only work to meet the needs of our customers. We work to surpass their expectations. Our customers will always be part of our service and will be informed with every stage of the construction. We believe a strong relationship with our customers is the secret to success. Not only are we working to deliver our results, we also work because by maintaining a strong working relationship with our clients, we become part of their lives. This is because Macon Home Improvements values customer relationships and our interaction with them is an important factor leading to our success.

We are a licensed and certified home improvement company and our team is always prepared and ready to handle any project. Whatever the size of the project, our team will provide the best service to customers. With our preparations and tactics to offer high quality goods and services, Macon Home Improvements has been lauded as one of the best home improvement companies.

Here are some of what we do in terms of services.

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

Home Addition

Home additions are a great way to transform your home and give your family the necessary amenities and space they always dreamed of. While many families across America look into remodeling plans, others are taking full advantage of the numerous benefits a home addition can provide such as added space, potential rental income or more natural light.

Home Remodel

When you undergo a home remodeling you have the opportunity to make your house something very unique that reflects your tastes. It is possible to create your dream home on top of having a space that is more practical and useful. Home remodeling can include anything you want as long as it is possible structurally. This could include adding a home theater, changing the layout of the property by removing walls or just creating the type of home that you have always wanted.
Bedroom Carpet
Laminate and Linoleum

Bathroom Remodel

From outdated brass faucets to funky colored tile, most homeowners know the first place to show signs of dating or wear and tear is the bathroom. That is why many homeowners decide to take on bathroom renovations and invest in their home.

For a room you zip into and out of at least several times a day, your bathroom should be a place you enjoy being in, too.

Kitchen Remodel

Every part of your home may need much remodeling. If you plan to improve the appearance of your house, the kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home that needs considerable improvement.

It is apparent that kitchens undergo wear. and tear. The issues of oil, grease, and dirt accumulation are hard to address- hence, the benefits of kitchen remodeling are numerous and give your house a new and improved appearance.

Indoor-Outdoor and Rubber


Here’s what separates Macon Home Improvements from other home improvement firms: dedication. We remain inspired by this business because we love the lighting up of the faces of our customers when they first look at their beautiful new siding or their carefully, meticulously installed new roof. Our passion is reflected in our unparalleled craftsmanship; after all, only a company that truly cares will take the time to get every detail right. This passion informs every aspect of our services, including:

  • Top-notch products – You deserve products that will stand the test of time (and look great while doing it).
  • Attentive customer service – We will establish and maintain open communication for a productive working relationship with you.
  • Expert installation – Our installers are factory-trained professionals with broad experience.

When you partner with Macon Home Improvements, you choose a company that is committed to providing home improvements services that deliver undeniable beauty, and reliable functionality.

Every Macon Home Improvement project is special, because we always incorporate our clients’ personal style. Besides that, we have plenty to offer. Not only does our company provide those mentioned above, but we also have the best home improvement projects in Georgia at an affordable price. We have proven our ability to home improvement projects through the trust given by our clients. Macon Home Improvements offers various types of projects– from cheap home remodeling, quality home improvement, and everything in between, as well as a mix of both.


If you want to make sure all your renovation needs are met, you can take a look at our portfolio and tell us if you have any questions. This will give you a general idea of how we work and what quality to expect from us. There are pictures posted on our profile but if you want to hear and see the details directly from the previous homeowners and home improvement contractors with whom we have worked, we will be happy to connect you to them. We are also more than willing to answer any inquiries to help you decide whether Macon Home Improvements is the right company for you and your projects.

As you can see from our past works, such as gutter protection, attic insulation, vinyl siding, and home kitchen remodeling, you can expect a lot from us and the services we provide.

You can contact us at (478) 394-8732 for any inquiries.


Macon Home Improvements is a rapidly growing company which always aims to do more than what the clients expect. Our home addition contractors always ensure that we have all the required materials in stock, and that we are always up to date on trends and popular styles. We also delegate resources into making sure each and every single one of our products is safe and up-to-standard. Because of this, we have always been successful in meeting the high expectations of clients- and even surpassing them.

‘Experience’ is one of the main reasons you should choose our company when it comes to home improvement projects. Each and every one of these projects becomes a learning opportunity- and thus, we gain more experience, improving our services more and more as time goes on. We deliver with the highest quality, the best service, excellence, and we always complete our work on time to give you the kind of service you deserve, because your satisfaction is our top priority at Macon Home Improvements.


Our goal at Macon Home Improvements is to provide quality services to our clients. We 100% guarantee that we source our materials from sources that make sure they are above the normal standard. We always go for what is best for the clients, never cutting corners and ensuring our output is of top quality. When we make a promise, we keep it no matter what. We pride ourselves for being reliable and dependable for a reason. Whatever home improvement service our customers and clients avail for is sure to be an investment- it will last long, and you won’t ever regret your purchase.

Of course, our home improvement contractors are trained, licensed, and possess all the required prerequisites- and more- before they start working on projects. We make sure they do all they can in their power, such as extensive research, on our clients’ ideas as to have the most ideal, most ‘perfect’ output. Not only do we invest in our materials’ sources to ensure their quality, we also invest in our contractors as we fully know they are important assets of the company. We produce consistently high-quality products because we value our team members and employees, and because we invest in the development of their potentials. Macon Home Improvements’ team members are well equipped with everything they need- knowledge, skill, and sense, to produce the best home improvements.


“I was scheduled to get new gutters and replace the fascia board. When the installer came, he advised that gutters were not needed, which saved me money. Thanks for the honesty.”

Mike Crowe

“My husband and I wanted to get the blown in insulation for our attic. The contractor came to explain the process to us. He was very thorough and answered our questions. The two gentlemen who came to do the installation worked diligently and were able to complete the job in approximately two hours. We are looking forward to lower heating and cooling bills!!”

Pauling Smith

“Great people who are driven to help you get what you need done. A truly customer centric establishment! I thoroughly enjoyed their business.”

Matthew Jones