Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Not only do we provide home renovation services, we also provide the best bathroom remodel services in Georgia. From outdated brass faucets to funky colored tiles, most homeowners know the first place to show signs of dating or wear and tear is the bathroom. That is why many homeowners decide to take on bathroom renovations and invest in their home.

Bathroom remodels can dramatically increase the value of your home. By replacing outdated features with modern and energy efficient baths, toilets and sinks you can increase the value of your home by $2000-$3000. In addition to getting a higher return on investment, you will get the peace of mind that your house will be easier to sell.

Whether it is a sink that perpetually leaks or cracked tiles, a bathroom renovation gives the homeowner the opportunity to fix any unsafe features or dangerous components in your bathroom.

When remodeling your bathroom, you can bring some of the luxuries of our modern age within, making this part of the house much more attractive, functional and enjoyable. There are countless innovations in regards to sinks, toilets, shower cabinets and lighting. You can even watch your favorite TV show while relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub or enjoy a warm toilet seat during the cold winter nights. The possibilities are endless.

That being said, here are some suggestions as to small bathroom remodels. The bathroom remodeling costs vary, but they are assuredly affordable for their quality.

High-Tech Lighting

The largest energy efficiency you can add to your bathroom is through LED lighting. According to the US Department of Energy, LED lights use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

Besides saving energy, LED lighting adds a beautiful design element. They can be programmed to change colors and can be used safely near water. Besides task lighting, some innovative ways to use LEDs include:

  • To add color to water in a tub or sink
  • As a color wash effect on a wall
  • To back light wall mirrors
  • To light counters or shelves


The latest design trends in Europe translated the latest in consumer electronics like the gold Iphone 6 into beautiful, metallic tile. Metallic wall tiles lend a bathroom a fashion-forward look while adding the illusion of more space to a bathroom, thanks to the tile’s eye-catching and reflective qualities.

Bold Flooring

The trend for color in the bathroom remains neutral or white in order to showcase elements like a beautiful free-standing tub or a wall of gorgeous metallic tile. But a bathroom needs a graphic dose of pattern somewhere and bold flooring is the latest.

Sexy, Ergonomic Design

The fluid and seamless curvy design of computers and electronics today is also coming to your bathroom. Boxy angles are out, while beautiful curvy shapes are becoming more available in the bathroom product market. You don’t have to add curves to the entire bathroom — pick two or three elements for balance. Some good bathroom remodeling ideas to go ergonomic are:

  • Add curve to one bathroom wall
  • Choose faucets or fixtures that are a bit more rounded and refined
  • Hang wall decor that highlights circles and curves

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are built into, and of the same material, as the bathroom counter. They create a minimalist and seamless look that’s low maintenance, since there’s no seams that dirt or water can get under.

Bathe as One With Nature

The hottest bathroom remodeling idea is an indoor/outdoor bathroom. Don’t worry about privacy, the latest bathroom tech includes electric privacy glass — glass that instantly switches from clear to frosted at a flick of a switch. Window manufacturers have also designed windows and skylights with built in shades between the glass panels that can open and close electronically.

Ways to add the indoor/outdoor look to your bathroom include:

  • An outdoor shower with a glass door for access from the bathroom
  • A large glass wall or window in front of a tub or shower with a beautiful garden outside
  • Skylights that bring the view of the sky into the bathroom
  • A wall of plants in the bathroom that bring the outdoors in
  • A zen shower with low maintenance succulent garden and river rock bedding surroundings


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